Gods Of Olympus Slot Presents An Epic Theme

The Gods of Olympus slot by 1×2 Gaming is ideal for any kind of player – regardless of the extent of their experience in playing online video slots – who enjoys anything with a theme related to Ancient Greek mythology.

Think of epic films like Clash of the Titans, Jason and the Argonauts, and even Disney’s animated Hercules, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the Gods of Olympus slot is all about. The five reels of this 20-payline slot are set between two massive alabaster columns supporting an elaborate floral-patterned frieze. Behind the Gods of Olympus slot reels, the skyline of Athens can be seen through a bluish haze.

Who Rules the Reels?

The most important symbols on the Gods of Olympus slot reels are Zeus, ruler of the gods, Athena, Zeus’s daughter and goddess of wisdom and military victory, and Poseidon, brother of Zeus and God of the sea. These three icons are significant as they represent the Gods of Olympus slot scatter, wild and bonus symbols, respectively.

Other symbols included in the Gods of Olympus slot are an ornately decorated Greek urn called an amphora, a soldier’s golden helmet with an impressive red plume, a massive masted battle ship, a Greek temple, and a cross-bow and sword. The Gods of Olympus slot also features the usual playing card symbols, stylised to fit in with the theme.

The Currency on Mount Olympus

In order to get into the Gods of Olympus slot game players must wager at least 0.05 credits per spin on at least one of the 20 paylines. Players who feel more confident, however, may bet up to 270.00 credits, which will boost their winnings exponentially if they hit that 700-coin Gods of Olympus slot jackpot.

Meanwhile, the RTP on the Gods of Olympus slot is a very generous 97.5% so players are bound to spin some wins if they keep playing.

Athena is a Wild Warrior

The wild symbol in the Gods of Olympus slot is the beautiful warrior goddess and daughter of Zeus, Athena. She appears on the face of a gold disk in full warrior garb and bearing a golden spear and shield.

As the Gods of Olympus slot wild, Athena can stand in for any other symbol – except the Zeus scatter and Poseidon bonus – to help complete winning combinations. Note that the Athena Gods of Olympus slot wild symbol does not have any intrinsic value so it must be landed in combination with other symbols to pay out.

Zeus Scatters Lucky Lightning Bolts

The imposing image of the white-bearded Zeus, aiming a lightning bold at Earth from his throne of clouds, represents the scatter in the Gods of Olympus slot. If three or more Zeus symbols are landed anywhere on the reels simultaneously, a certain number of free spins as well as a scatter cash prize will be awarded.

Although more free spins cannot be triggered during this round, players may activate the Gods of Olympus real money slots Poseidon Bonus Round during free spins.

Poseidon Triggers a Wave of Wins

The great god of the sea, Poseidon, emerges from the ocean clutching his golden trident to reward Canadian casinos online players with a special Gods of Olympus slot bonus round. Landing three or more Poseidon bonus symbols will cause players to be shown a new screen where they must choose from several pots to reveal cash prizes.

Even better, if the Gods of Olympus slot Poseidon bonus is triggered during free spins, the prizes are even larger.

The Gingerbread Joy Slot Spreads Christmas Cheer

New Zealand online pokies players can get into the Christmas spirit at any time of year by playing the Gingerbread Joy slot by 1×2 Gaming. This five-reel, 25-winline online video slot brings together the magic of Christmas and – you guessed it – the yumminess of traditional Yuletide treat, gingerbread, for its festive theme.

To find out if a present awaits them under the Gingerbread Joy slot Christmas tree, players must activate at least one payline by wagering a minimum of 0.01 credits. Coin values go up to 0.50 credits and players may wager up to five coins on each of the 25 paylines. So the max bet per spin in the Gingerbread Joy slot is 62.50 credits.

By choosing to wager the 62.50 credit max bet, players can make the most of the Gingerbread Joy slot jackpot of 750 times their wager. This is achieved by landing five iced gingerbread Christmas tree cookies on a single active payline.

Tasty Treats and Other Festive Fare

The reels of the Gingerbread Joy slot are set in the middle of a pine-branch Christmas wreath, hung on a wooden door. While a merry – if monotonous – Christmas tune plays in the background, players of the Gingerbread Joy slot are treated to an assortment of gingerbread cookies and a ribboned red and white candy cane. Other Gingerbread Joy slot symbols include Christmas wreath and mistletoe.

The values of the standard Gingerbread Joy slot symbols are as follows when five of a kind are landed on a single active payline:

  • Standard iced Gingerbread heart – 20 coins
  • Plain gingerbread Christmas tree – 45 coins
  • Plain gingerbread heart – 60 coins
  • Christmas wreath – 70 coins
  • Standard iced gingerbread star – 80 coins
  • Candy cane – 80 coins
  • Hollow iced gingerbread heart – 100 coins
  • Iced gingerbread wreath – 300 coins
  • Scatter iced gingerbread star – 400 coins
  • Mistletoe – 500 coins
  • Iced gingerbread Christmas tree – 750 coins

Gingerbread Hearts Are Wild

The wild symbol in the Gingerbread Joy slot is a heart-shaped gingerbread cookie with the word “WILD” iced onto it. This Gingerbread Joy slot symbol has the valuable ability to replace any other symbol – except scatters and the special gingerbread man symbol – to help complete winning paylines.

The Starry Gingerbread Scatter

Another important symbol in the Gingerbread Joy slot is the scatter – which takes the form of an iced gingerbread star with the word “scatter” iced on it in green.

When three or more such Gingerbread Joy slot scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels, players receive free spins – the number which increases with the number of scatters landed. In addition to the fact, that all free spins wins are doubled in the Gingerbread Joy slot, these bonus rounds have another special feature… The gingerbread man scatter symbol.

The Special Gingerbread Man Scatter

During free spins in the Gingerbread Joy slot, another symbol becomes active that is not available during the main game – the special gingerbread man scatter. Whenever two or more of these charming cookie chaps appear on an active Gingerbread Joy slot, players will enjoy a payout of at least seven coins. Mobile pokies NZ players lucky enough to land Gingerbread Joy slot gingerbread men will rake in 400 coins and, since wins are doubled in Gingerbread Joy slot free spins, this will total a handsome 800-coin win – even more than the standard game jackpot!

Laws Of Natural Selection In Evolution Slot Game By NetEnt

This is a slot game title from top developers NetEnt and relative to what they are known to produce this slot is certainly one of the most visual and graphically involved. Players will be introduced to a world of evolving lifeforms and their very unique resulting forms in this Evolution slot game. The creatures float around on the screen in a viscous liquid and alongside the rather gloomy light effects this creates quite an ethereal atmosphere and players attempt to land winning combinations and exploit the unique features involved in this slot. Overall the presentation is one worth a visit and can certainly be capable of shaping an online slot game experience.

Even the most complicated of lifeforms started out as some simple single celled bacteria and so is the case with even the most complex slots in that they also begin with a simple gameplay driven setup. In this Evolution slot game from NetEnt the base game consists of 5 reels that spin upwards rather than the typical down, an early indicator of the fact that this slot game does things a little different. There are 25 pay lines attached to this base game as well as a few other options to help with the setup, making this game still intuitive to play and start spinning with. Plus there are also some bonus features awaiting players in this Evolution slot game.

Evolving Theme Selection and Other Visual Aspects

The choice of theme here with this Evolution slot game is certainly rather unique and players will quickly find themselves drawn in by the ethereal style and lighting. Add to this a few colourful animations and symbols and the reels of this game start looking quite inviting. This is all backed up by capable graphics which can be adjusted for the device in use adding to its versatility for the players. The sound effects carry the theme with them in their pursuit to highlight events on the reels whilst the backdrop remains deliberately murky and unclear. Overall this is a fairly beautiful slot game experience on offer from NetEnt.

One of the more defining theme factors when it comes to the construction of slot games is that of the symbols involved. This seems fairly intuitive but still one underestimates the power these symbols carry not just in the combination forming sense but thematically as well. The symbols players will bump into on the reels of Evolution include various unique and rather bizarre lifeforms, clearly at the early stages of the entire evolving process and therefore capable of still shaping the world they were borne into.

NetEnt’s Evolution Slot Bonuses and Features

Any slot game preaching Evolution kind of requires a few bonus features to support such a claim in this rapidly evolving online industry. Fortunately NetEnt stepped in here and gave this online slots casino Australia a couple of features including Wilds and more. There is also a free spins feature which can reward players with up to 20 spins with which to play around with. An interesting feature available within the free spins allows for the winning combination symbols to evolve into their more valuable descendants, allowing for further wins by the end of the spin with this Evolution slot.

Next Gen Studio Present Jacks Beanstalk Online Slot Game

Jacks Beanstalk is an online slot game, created by the well-known Next Gen studio. Based around the children’s fairy tale, as the name suggests, the game features a charming cartoon aesthetic, pleasant soundtrack, and even suitably entertaining mini-games. Expect to meet the beanstalk climbing Jack of the game’s title, the giant who Jack will rob, and even a golden egg, presumably created by the gold-egg-laying goose from the fairy tale.

The player will immediately be entranced by the music of Jacks Beanstalk, which is a full orchestra creation that could easily be heard in a full-length film. The visuals, on the other hand, perhaps don’t have the high animation quality of other slot games, but the well-characterised images are sure to still enchant and delight.

Game Play Specifics

The Jacks Beanstalk online casino Kenya slot game uses a five reel system, complimented by 25 betting lines. Keep in mind, though, that the betting lines are not adjustable in this game, as they are in other slot games. In Jacks Beanstalk all 25 lines are always active, and may not be raised or lowered. This does rob the game of some strategy, but given that the game features the growing wilds feature, the play system is not without its entertainment and strategic value.

Symbol Specifics

In a game titled Jacks Beanstalk, you can be sure that there are going to be giants on the reels. Let’s see exactly where they fit in, as far as payout value is concerned. Coming before the giant is Jack himself, of course, who is the most valuable standard symbol in the game. Match Jack five times and you’ll be feeling like you’ve found a few magic beans of your own.

The giant comes second, and although a scary thing to look at, his payouts are not as large as Jacks. Some of the other picture symbols are the cast and the axe, who those familiar with the fairy tale will recognise.

Beanstalk Bonuses

The growing beanstalk feature is one of the more original ideas in the Jacks Beanstalk slot game. If the symbol image of a hand holding beans lands on reels2, 3, or 4, three free spins will instantly be awarded. Plus, with each spin the beanstalk will grow a position up, creating a wild symbol. This is not only a clever idea, as far as linking the theme to the game goes, but also a potentially highly lucrative event.

The second bonus in the game concerns the golden egg. If three golden eggs are matched, each will be replaced by a goose. The player must select one of the birds, revealing a prize beneath. Each of the geese will grant a cash prize of some value, but beneath only one is there a golden egg prize. The golden egg prize, of course, is the biggest jackpot prize available in the Jacks Beanstalk game. Given how big the jackpot amount is, it makes everyone understand why Jack was so eager to go climbing beanstalks and stealing gold-egg-laying geese.

Play Free Big Bang Online Slots Machine Games With Ease

Intergalactic travel has fascinated mankind since the beginning of time.  One has only to cast a bird’s eye glance on the popular themes behind the ideas and notions that we have developed into books, comic strips, blockbuster movies and the like, to conclude that we are utterly besotted with and captivated by the possibility of the existence of other planets like our own.  We have written and rewritten tales of adventures that are simply out of this world.  Big Bang draws on this universal fascination with Space and all the hidden promises of mystery that it holds.

Sci-Fi Theme

A diamond dotted expanse with a slight art deco feel forms the backdrop of the game.  The control panel displaying the game functions reminds of the electronic steering panel on the inside of a regular modern day space ship.

Big Bang Symbols

The Symbols elaborate even further on the inventive undertone created on the initial screen.  A variety of planets and stars come and go in a futuristic animation, reminding of alien weaponry annihilating anything in its path.  The colours of the stars and planets vary and are significant, as each colour represents a different amount added to the total tally once 5 of the same kind are landed on the reels.

700 credits are awarded for a combination of 5 of the yellow planets, 500 credits for 5 of the green planets, 400 credits for the purple ones and 300 credits for 5 of the blue.  Playing cards also appear as symbols, recreated in order to keep up with the modernist form of the game’s imagery.  The star symbol is a blazing Sun, with a winning score of 1 000 credits when a total of 5 are landed.

Playing the Big Bang Slots

Big Bang is a Video Slot featuring 5 reels, 3 rows of symbols and 24 pay lines.  A panel of multipliers appear on the left hand side of the screen. Multiplications range from 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and up to 32x.  With each win, a tab climbs to the next multiplier, making the multiplication increments rather exciting.  As soon as no wins are tallied, the tab returns to its original position at 1x. The concept of multipliers undoubtedly is the X-factor in this game.  For instance, combining 5 Sun symbols with the 32x multiplier accumulates to a grand total of 32 000 credits.

Straightforward Play

The simplicity and user-friendly aspect of play definitely adds to the game’s friendly and inclusive charm. The lines of the designs are clear, and the rules simple yet quite conducive to winning.

The game can be played in paid mode or purely for fun. River Belle online casino player registration and complete download isn’t required as a rule, lending an uncomplicated “play as you go” feel to the experience.

Options for placing a bet are flexible.

When a large win is scored, Aurora-like lights move across the screen.  This lends a rewarding visual feel to an already monetary rewarding round.