Leprechaun’s Fortune Online Slot

Leprechaun’s Fortune is a quirky animated online video slot game powered by Williams Interactive. This Irish Folklore themed game is all about the magical Leprechaun and his fabled fortune that lies at the end of the rainbow. Set against a backdrop of the rolling green hills of Ireland, the reels hang suspended in the middle of the screen crested by a magical rainbow. The hand drawn graphics and basic animation give the game a unique quality with classic WMS casino sound effects when a winning combination is achieved. Complete with high paying jackpots and bonus features, this is the type of game that will appeal to most slot enthusiasts.

When it comes to the slot setup, Leprechaun’s Fortune comprises of 5 spinning reels with a total of 50 paylines. At the start of each spin, players can set the number of paylines as well as the number of coins bet per payline. In this game, the more coins bet per win line, the higher the payouts for any winning combination. The game also includes a handful of bonus features in the form of Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, frozen wilds and a free spins bonus round. On the reels, the themed symbols include all types of Irish folklore characters and images.

Leprechauns, Fairies and Wild Symbols

The highest paying non-bonus symbol in Leprechaun’s Fortune is the image of the rainbow. This is followed by the magical fairy, then the toadstool, four leaf clover and finally the fiddle. For the lower paying symbols, WMS has used the classic playing card high symbols from 9 to Ace. The symbols have all be styled and designed to blend into the theme of the game.

The Wild symbol in Leprechaun’s Fortune is the mischievous looking leprechaun himself. As a Wild symbol, the leprechaun can be used as a substitute symbol and replace any of the other game symbols in order to form a winning combination on an active payline. The only symbol the Wild leprechaun cannot substitute for is the pot of gold Scatter symbol that plays its own role in the game.

Free Sins with Frozen Wilds

Aside from the Wild symbol, the one symbol to keep an eye out for in Leprechaun’s Fortune is the pot of gold scatter symbol. As a Scatter symbol, the pot of gold can pay out in any position on the reels and does not necessarily have to fall on a payline to create a winning payout. The pot of gold Scatter symbol is also the key to activating the free spins bonus round.

To trigger the bonus round in this online gambling casino game, players must land three or more pot of gold Scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels. Once the free spins round is triggered, players will be rewarded with 10 free spins. While this may not seem like much, the free spins round does come with one added bonus. During the free spins round, the standard leprechaun Wild symbol becomes a frozen Wild. This means that when the leprechaun appears in the bonus round, he will stay stuck in position for the remainder of the round.

Bitten Online Slots

Reminiscent of an era traditionally associated with Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1970), IGT’s Bitten is a 5 Reel Australin online pokies game, awash with archetypal vampire references to the dead and the undead, immortality, eerie creatures of the night and an affinity for and obsession with the blood of human beings.  The images are akin to those found in a comic strip rather than a horror movie, and as such does not repulse but instead offers an amusing twist to the generally gory concepts of death and dying.

In keeping with convention, the Bitten logo is draped over an image of the full moon, and the Reels are framed on both sides by fluttering bats and creepy looking trees branching out in tentacle-like fashion.

Setting The Mood

Bitten’s sound effects complete the already spooky scene of the plot. The voice of a female vampire announces that “the darkness holds great treasure”, re-enforcing the central idea with a sultry and slightly ominous touch.

Bloody symbols

Symbols include those found on standard playing cards such as the Ace, King, Queen, Jack and the Number Ten card, lending to the game a classic casino feel. The Celtic Heart, befittingly kitted out with coffin, a crystal glass filled with ruby red liquid and the almost notorious Candelabra also come into play.

Wild at Heart

The Bitten logo doubles as the Wild Symbol as well as the Scatter Symbol.  Despite the use of the logo of a game as a symbol not being a completely original idea, it remains a novel one.  The wild symbol fills its usual functional position of completing a winning combination.  When in combination with other symbols, the winnings are doubled up.  The scatter symbol needs only to appear 3 times in any position on the reels, to qualify for a payout.  The stakes significantly increase when a total of 5 scatter symbols are landed on any one payline.  This will multiply the Bet by up to 250 times.

Tales From The Crypt

3 or more Crypt Symbols landing in any position on any of the 5 reels activates the Free Spins Bonus Round.

The number of free spins awarded is determined by an interactive choice made by the player, when prompted to select any one coffin from a set of three.  An element of anticipation prevails as the chosen coffin reveals its spoils.  Free spins are played out on different sets of reels.

Ease Of Access

Registration of a player’s details is generally required in order to play Bitten.  The game can however be played online and full download is not a prerequisite.   Sounds may be switched on or muted, and a player has a choice of four graphics resolution settings.

The Total Of The Tally

The game does not include a progressive Jackpot, but possible winnings aren’t meagre either – the maximum payout being 25 000 credits.

Bitten includes 20 pay lines, and players would do well to place a bet on each pay line in order to optimize payouts.

Instant Play Big Catch Online Slots Game

As the name suggests, Big Catch is based on the world under water and all things Fishing. Fishing as an activity generally appeals to most people, and even more so, the very colourful world of Deep Sea Fishing. Big Catch is based on the central theme of Deep Sea Fishing.

Big Catch Symbols

Symbols include fish symbols, a range of playing card symbols, an anchor, and an old Boot. During the bonus round, the larger the fish, the bigger the reward. A bright pink Starfish symbol also features, and this symbol functions as the Wild Symbol. The Starfish only appears on Reels 3, 4 and 5.  As do most wild symbols, the pink Starfish morphs into the persona of any other symbol, including the Big Catch Logo Symbol, in order to make up a matching winning combination. Even though Big Catch doesn’t make use of the multiplier function, the Starfish symbol does seem to appear more often than wild symbols do in general, making for an agreeable compromise.

Big Catch features 5 underwater Reels and 20 Pay Lines.

The Sound Of The Ocean

A nice touch is the calming sounds of the ocean that can be heard whilst the game is being played.  The sound of water generally has a relaxing affect on most people, and the game definitely taps into this positive association rather effectively.

The Go Fishing Bonus Round

The Go Fishing Bonus Round seems to be triggered at random after any spin, rather than relying on scatters to fall, as is the case with most other games.  This re-enforces that lucky feeling similar to going fishing for real. The reels fill up with water, a fishing line and hook appear, and you have a chance to Go Fishin’ by clicking on a separate Start Button. Catching any of the fish is rewarding, but the big credits are hidden in catching the Big Catch signature symbol. The round ends when this symbol is caught, or the old Boot is caught. A bet may be multiplied by up to 500 times during the Go Fishing Bonus Round, making your Fishing Trip rather lucrative.

A Minimum Of Two Bets Per Pay Line

A minimum of two bets per pay line must be played.

Auto Play Mode

A player has the choice between manual spins and playing in Auto play mode.

Large Payout Percentage

It is generally assumed that the general payout percentage is around a handsome 94%.  Even though this is in no way guaranteed by the developers of the game, it’s a nice to know as far as possible handsome returns go.

Big Catch Jackpot Pay Out

The Jackpot may be won by landing a combination of 5 of the Big Catch Logo Symbols onto any one of your active pay lines. The grand tally amounts to 10 000 credits, being a very handsome score indeed.

User Friendly Controls

The controls of the online casino NZ game are straightforward and a player is never confused as to where to click to activate a specific function.

Aristocrat’s Provides Big Ben Online Slots Game

Aristocrat’s Big Ben combines the alluring charm of London’s most loved national symbols and landmarks with a variety of engaging features.  Classic England immediately comes to mind against the backdrop of old English buildings, images of mysterious passageways and a host of symbols, all portraying true British heritage.


Big Ben features 5 reels and 25 pay lines, an assortment of bonus benefits including free spins and a wide range of coin values and multipliers, making for effortless but enjoyable game play. The interface is undemanding from a visual point of view, and as such the graphics do not create too much of a distraction.  The same is true for the sound effects.

Uncluttered Interaction

A user-friendly panel with options and controls appears at the bottom of the screen.  Here a player can select the amount of lines to play, opt to increase or reduce bets or even venture into Jackpot territory by placing a maximum bet.  The maximum bet on any spin is 50 credits.


In keeping with the quaint theme of Big Ben, the symbols include the infamous red telephone booth, the Union Jack flag, the well-known London double-decker city bus and the Queen’s crown. All of the symbols yield different returns, depending on the amount of matching symbols landed on an activated pay line.  Landing the main symbols favourably is a money-spinning occasion; a group of 5 accumulating up to 800 credits.

Unique Icons

Big Ben also sports unique icons including an old street lantern, a tavern signpost and a range of playing cards. The icons reveal rewards of up to 12 credits for 3 icons, 50 credits for 4 icons and 250 credits for a string of 5.

The Special Symbols

Of the special symbols, the Big Ben symbol is of the most popular. It is a scatter that affords the player the chance to win up to a maximum of 1 000 credits.  Even more mind blowing than the Big Ben symbol, is the charmingly champion like Royal Guard – landing 5 of these tallies up to a fantastic 30 000 credits.

Big Ben Signature Feature

This feature is activated as soon as a matching symbol is landed anywhere on Reel 1 or Reel 5.  This results in the very upshot prospect of a player’s winnings being multiplied by up to 500 times.  When this happens Big Ben rings out 12 times.  Counting the number of chimes as it rings out adds a definite element of suspense and anticipation to the game.

Real money casinos NZ free games are also to be had aplenty, triggered by landing matching scatters. Once a free game is in play, a player’s winnings may be doubled, and the free game feature may also be re-triggered.

The Wild Symbol

The traditional and iconic Palace Guard acts as the game’s wild symbol.  Landing a combination of 5 of these royal chaps will increase a player’s winnings by 15 000 credits.

Play Free Big Bang Online Slots Machine Games With Ease

Intergalactic travel has fascinated mankind since the beginning of time.  One has only to cast a bird’s eye glance on the popular themes behind the ideas and notions that we have developed into books, comic strips, blockbuster movies and the like, to conclude that we are utterly besotted with and captivated by the possibility of the existence of other planets like our own.  We have written and rewritten tales of adventures that are simply out of this world.  Big Bang draws on this universal fascination with Space and all the hidden promises of mystery that it holds.

Sci-Fi Theme

A diamond dotted expanse with a slight art deco feel forms the backdrop of the game.  The control panel displaying the game functions reminds of the electronic steering panel on the inside of a regular modern day space ship.

Big Bang Symbols

The Symbols elaborate even further on the inventive undertone created on the initial screen.  A variety of planets and stars come and go in a futuristic animation, reminding of alien weaponry annihilating anything in its path.  The colours of the stars and planets vary and are significant, as each colour represents a different amount added to the total tally once 5 of the same kind are landed on the reels.

700 credits are awarded for a combination of 5 of the yellow planets, 500 credits for 5 of the green planets, 400 credits for the purple ones and 300 credits for 5 of the blue.  Playing cards also appear as symbols, recreated in order to keep up with the modernist form of the game’s imagery.  The star symbol is a blazing Sun, with a winning score of 1 000 credits when a total of 5 are landed.

Playing the Big Bang Slots

Big Bang is a Video Slot featuring 5 reels, 3 rows of symbols and 24 pay lines.  A panel of multipliers appear on the left hand side of the screen. Multiplications range from 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x and up to 32x.  With each win, a tab climbs to the next multiplier, making the multiplication increments rather exciting.  As soon as no wins are tallied, the tab returns to its original position at 1x. The concept of multipliers undoubtedly is the X-factor in this game.  For instance, combining 5 Sun symbols with the 32x multiplier accumulates to a grand total of 32 000 credits.

Straightforward Play

The simplicity and user-friendly aspect of play definitely adds to the game’s friendly and inclusive charm. The lines of the designs are clear, and the rules simple yet quite conducive to winning.

The game can be played in paid mode or purely for fun. River Belle online casino player registration and complete download isn’t required as a rule, lending an uncomplicated “play as you go” feel to the experience.

Options for placing a bet are flexible.

When a large win is scored, Aurora-like lights move across the screen.  This lends a rewarding visual feel to an already monetary rewarding round.

The Greatest Giant List Of All Bingo Games

Bingo can be a fun, straightforward betting game for players looking to have a go at some basic wagering. The premise behind such a game is fairly easy to understand as players ultimately play their own luck against the odds of chance in a number drawing, lottery style matching game. But the game of bingo has been around for centuries already, and the fundamentals of such a game common knowledge to most players.

What is a rather new development however is the extensive list of all bingo games that are currently available, a list that is constantly growing and evolving. This result is a wide range of possibilities through bingo and effectively a situation where players can go in search of a bingo game that appeals specifically to them, regarding bonuses, gameplay and overall offering.

The Big Bingo Online Player

Bingo has kind of exploded with popularity over the recent years as players and systems get more and more used to the growing flow of information available today. This includes the new technologies that have been and continue to grow and evolve alongside the wealth of information available through the internet and more.

So players can experience these games across multiple platforms and devices, as well as find free versions, both as downloadable app or playable online bingo, that allows for several advantages. Namely players looking to play bingo for real money can practice and experiment with the free list of all bingo games to better prepare for the money versions and perhaps even allow for a strategy to be developed afore. Additionally this allows players to simply enjoy the game of bingo in all the impressive variations the developers have so far stumbled upon, an ever growing list.

Regardless of whether players choose mobile keno or pc for their gaming platform, download or online play, there are some things to universally keep an eye out for when browsing the large list of all bingo games. Perhaps the best of these aspects to be on the lookout for are the bonuses. These include welcome bonuses, for joining a site, downloading an app and the like, as well as free play, real wins bonuses that effectively allow players to play bingo for free and still have a chance to win real money. Not a bad system in place for the budding and pro bingo players around the world.

Varieties of Online Bingo Available

As may have been mentioned a couple but the list of all bingo games is actually a rather incomparable one to imagine, largely because there are just that many people surfing around on the internet stratosphere looking and playing bingo games that that same ludicrous number of people obliged, and a community built up of games and players on a platform such as this only keeps on growing. This is why there are so many varieties of bingo amidst this list of all bingo games. Varieties in bingo are largely limited to perhaps the patterns that are formed, what numbers are used and even the overall approach to gameplay. That being said there are so many additional features able to be added like bonus games and events as well as other remixed combinations, perhaps even with other game genres.