Fishy Fortune

Cartoon Water Theme in Fishy Fortune Slot

Time to adjourn to the watery depths with this Fishy Fortune online slot game and all the various water based features this entails. Always one to commit to a theme choice, developers NetEnt have done quite a job with this slot’s underwater atmosphere and overall presence. The graphics involved are of a comprehensible level and also adopt a rather cartooned style to them, making the animations and imagery that follows appear rather fun and light of nature. Overall players can’t expect too much from this rather quaint slot theme but a bit of good and entertaining spinning amidst a rather light atmosphere.

Swimming passed the watery styled theme on display players will encounter a rather standard set of 5 reels, with a themed border and 10 pay lines running across, capable of being adjusted. Along with the adjustable lines the betting options at hand can be quite effective at allowing ranges of players a gaming chance on these watery reels. This Fishy Fortune slot game does also have a few more exciting aspects to it once players get passed the setup and into the gaming, including the likes of free spins, a Wild symbol and even a progressive jackpot which of course can keep on growing until someone claims it.

The Water Based Theme of this Slot

Water themes have been a very common aspect of slot gaming for pretty much as long as the industry has been around. This began when the blue from this theme was the easiest and most cost effective way of creating a slight atmosphere on the reels of old slot machines and from there the tradition largely stuck. As the technologies of the world have grown since, the themes of these water based slot games have obviously gotten better and more involved, like this Fishy Fortune slot game too. NetEnt have imbue this slot with a cartoon style and undertone as well making it light of atmosphere as well as not too hard on graphical requirements from the players end.

With slot themes such as these the symbols tend to play crucial roles in the whole setup, meaning that they often look quite attractive to add as much as possible to the theme being created. With Fishy Fortune these symbols include various personified fish and sea life, including octopus, clown fish, and even an angry looking angler fish. Even the playing card symbols have been styled to the theme in question and as such further add to the atmosphere setup.

Bubbling Bonuses Beneath the Big Blue

All the best slot games have one thing in common, a good couple of carefully chosen bonus features that complement the base game as opposed to overshadowing it. With this Fishy Fortune slot game from NetEnt the features and bonuses add something very tangible to the experience and allow for some winning opportunities. This comes largely in the form of this game’s progressive jackpot but can be aided through the free spins feature as well as the Wild symbol involved which can afford a few extra wins on the reels.


Getting Medieval Themed with Excalibur Online Slot

Time to go back a bit in history and then take a jump into the realms of fantasy to a period where knights in suits of armor battle mages and wizards and damsels in distress wait around every corner to be rescued by their very own prince charming. That is the tone with this Excalibur online slot game which quite directly transports players to an Arthurian era of magic and a fair degree of unbridled mayhem. Visually this slot game from NetEnt displays itself well, meaning that on screen players will find quite a few involving symbols, features and effects. All in all this slot experience shows a fair degree of promise.

Moving passed the fantastical theme portrayed on the reels of this Excalibur slot game players will come across the reels and gameplay involved of which there are 5 spinning columns in this slot experience and upon which resides 3 rows of symbols and a set of 20 adjustable pay lines. Beyond this and now moving into the setup of this slot game players will find there are a good medley of various betting options including the adjustable lines that allows for a range of players some form of gaming action with this slot. On top of this the Excalibur slot game has some bonuses, themed for the most part, and a few features therein.

Looking at the Popular Fantasy Theme Involved

The theme of Arthur and his merry band of knights is a really popular fantasy tale and reflects well onto the screen in many forms. In terms of slot gaming this theme also holds a certain familiarity, with several games including similar if slightly different themes. In this Excalibur slot game the interface and screen come across relatively well, without being overly flashy or ostentatious in any regard. On top of this the graphics of this NetEnt game are tailored to support this style of theme, so again not really overbearing. Additional themed features include the reels, their bordering and of course the symbols on said reels. Once completed these reels look quite inviting, especially set in this atmosphere.

The symbols themselves really deserve their own paragraph since they contribute so much to any online slot game experience. In this Excalibur slot game these symbols comprise largely of the fairly intuitive characters and aspects of the theme involved. Players will find knights on horseback, witches and wizards as well as prince and princess. Whether these actually relate to the characters from the Arthurian tales is largely up to the players to decide.

Fighting for Some Slot Bonus Features

The bonuses included in this Excalibur slot game from NetEnt are pretty much just the basics, involving two types of Wilds and a free spins feature. The Wilds in this slot can switch for other game symbol sans the bonus free spins symbol which makes winning a little easier. The two Wilds differ in that one awards a 2 times multiplier while the other awards double that. The free spins feature also includes a multiplier, of 3 times, as well as a chance at up to 30 free spins.


Laws of Natural Selection in Evolution Slot

This is a slot game title from top developers NetEnt and relative to what they are known to produce this slot is certainly one of the most visual and graphically involved. Players will be introduced to a world of evolving lifeforms and their very unique resulting forms in this Evolution slot game. The creatures float around on the screen in a viscous liquid and alongside the rather gloomy light effects this creates quite an ethereal atmosphere and players attempt to land winning combinations and exploit the unique features involved in this slot. Overall the presentation is one worth a visit and can certainly be capable of shaping an online slot game experience.

Even the most complicated of lifeforms started out as some simple single celled bacteria and so is the case with even the most complex slots in that they also begin with a simple gameplay driven setup. In this Evolution slot game from NetEnt the base game consists of 5 reels that spin upwards rather than the typical down, an early indicator of the fact that this slot game does things a little different. There are 25 pay lines attached to this base game as well as a few other options to help with the setup, making this game still intuitive to play and start spinning with. Plus there are also some bonus features awaiting players in this Evolution slot game.

Evolving Theme Selection and Other Visual Aspects

The choice of theme here with this Evolution slot game is certainly rather unique and players will quickly find themselves drawn in by the ethereal style and lighting. Add to this a few colourful animations and symbols and the reels of this game start looking quite inviting. This is all backed up by capable graphics which can be adjusted for the device in use adding to its versatility for the players. The sound effects carry the theme with them in their pursuit to highlight events on the reels whilst the backdrop remains deliberately murky and unclear. Overall this is a fairly beautiful slot game experience on offer from NetEnt.

One of the more defining theme factors when it comes to the construction of slot games is that of the symbols involved. This seems fairly intuitive but still one underestimates the power these symbols carry not just in the combination forming sense but thematically as well. The symbols players will bump into on the reels of Evolution include various unique and rather bizarre lifeforms, clearly at the early stages of the entire evolving process and therefore capable of still shaping the world they were borne into.

NetEnt’s Evolution Slot Bonuses and Features

Any slot game preaching Evolution kind of requires a few bonus features to support such a claim in this rapidly evolving online industry. Fortunately NetEnt stepped in here and gave this slot a couple of features including Wilds and more. There is also a free spins feature which can reward players with up to 20 spins with which to play around with. An interesting feature available within the free spins allows for the winning combination symbols to evolve into their more valuable descendants, allowing for further wins by the end of the spin with this Evolution slot.

Cosmic Fortune

Cosmic Fortune Slot

Our Universe is nothing short of amazing.  Our journey into outer space began during the 20th Century, initially with balloon flights, and later followed by manned rocket launches.  Eventually we did what very few expected was possible: we landed on the Moon.

Space travel has always fascinated us due to the very nature of the adventure.  The unchartered territory holds a promise of untapped potential.  When all is said and done, logic dictates that if we were able to land on the Moon, then really, the sky isn’t even the limit.

Cosmic Fortune by Net Entertainment is based on the theme of outer space, intergalactic travel and an out of this world adventure.  The game is played on 5 reels and 15 paylines, and features the Free Falls Feature which is the key to winning one of the progressive jackpots.

Cosmic Fortune Symbols

The symbols are cute and quirky, and include a number of space inspired characters.  The cosmic explorer symbol is drawn in flashy blue and copper and pays out at 1500 credits for a combination of 5 in a row, and 250 credits for 4 matching symbols.  Next up is the pink multi-eyed alien.  The alien pays out at 1000 credits for 5 in a row, 100 credits for a combination of 4, and 25 credits for three matching symbols on an active payline.  The little orange and copper aliens pay out at 500 and 200 credits respectively for a winning combination of 5 symbols in a row on an active payline.  No space-based game would be complete without a space ship.  The space ship, moon and asteroid symbols are the lower value paying symbols, paying out at 100, 75 and 50 credits each, for 5 matching symbols.

Only the highest wins per active payline are paid out.

The game features a scatter symbol, depicted by a copper marble with an S drawn in brushed steel blue.  3 or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels will activate the Free Falls Feature.

Cosmic Fortune Free Falls Feature

During the Free Falls Feature, 10 initial free falls are activated.  An additional 5 free falls are awarded for every additional scatter symbol landed over and above the initial 3.

In the Free Falls Feature, all symbols on winning paylines are transformed into marbles.  At the end of the Free Falls Feature, the Free Falls Bonus Game will commence.

Free Falls Bonus Game

The Free Falls Bonus Game commences as soon as the Free Falls Feature has drawn to a close.  Marbles collected during the Free Falls Feature fall through the bonus game and land at random either in the Coin Win Cup or in the Jackpot Collector Cup.  In addition to these, there is also a Jackpot Meter that appears on screen.  Marbles that land in the Jackpot Collector Cup fills the Jackpot Meter.  As soon as three marbles have been collected in the Jackpot Collector Cup, the Jackpot Meter is full up and the Jackpot Game activated.

Cosmic Fortune Jackpot Game

During the Jackpot Game, the player will stand the chance to either be awarded with coin wins, or win one of five jackpot payouts, three of which are progressive jackpots. Marbles landing in the coin win cups are worth anything between 20 and 40 credits.

Champion of the Track

Champion of the Track Slot

The tribesmen of Central Asia were presumably responsible for first taming and domesticating the horse.  Ever since, horse racing has been to be the sport of kings.  It’s an added bonus that horse racing is legal in most parts of the world.  Horse racing is an organised sport that has historically been embraced by many civilisations.  It was a popular sport during the time of the Roman Empire, as well as a feature sport in the Greek Olympics.

Queen Anne of England turned horse racing into a professional sport during the time of her reign.  Multiple horses would race one another, and spectators would be granted the opportunity to place a wager on the horse most likely to win the race, to his or her mind.

Champion of the Track is an online slot based on the theme of horse racing.  The game is played on 5 reels and 30 paylines, and includes no less than 3 special features:  A day at the races bonus game, the Free Spins bonus game and the Career bonus feature.

Champion of the Track slot can be played for fun and free or for a chance to win real money.

Slot Symbols

Symbols are all themed symbols, and include four different jockeys, a pair of binoculars, a blue rosette and a couple of horseshoes.

The scatter symbol is the horse’s head, the wild symbol is a jockey’s head and the bonus symbol is a trophy.

The Career Bonus Feature

The game’s reels are surrounded by a racing track.  Moves along the track are collected during the Bonus Game and the Free Spins Bonus Round.  Reaching various points along the track will award the Golden Cup Mystery Wins and ultimately the Champion Trophy Career Bonus.

The feature is valid for a period of 48 hours from your last spin played.  The continuation factor is a fresh idea and truly adds a nice touch to the game, and keep you coming back for more.

Champion Of The Track Free Spins Bonus Feature

The Free Spins Bonus Feature is activated by landing 3 or more of the horse scatter symbols anywhere on the reels during any single spin.  10 Free Spins are awarded each time the feature is triggered.

Additionally, all wins accumulated during the Champion of the Track Free Spins Bonus Feature are multiplied by 3.

A Day At The Races Bonus Game

The Bonus Game is entered by landing 3 or more of the trophy symbols in consecutive fashion on any active payline.  A horse race will commence, and you will be prompted to pick a jockey.  The rewards up for grabs are cash prizes, a number of moves around the track and multipliers.

A true day at the track ambiance is created by the different background noises.  A chattering crowd can be heard in the background, as well as snorting horses and a racing trumpet announcing all wins.

The overall feel of the game makes Champion of the Track a slot game that will keep you coming back to play again and again.

Roman Chariots

Roman Chariots by WMS

Roman Chariots was originally a very successful brick and mortar slot that WMS transitioned to online and mobile due to its popularity. The game has the normal five reels and twenty paylines, but also includes WMS’s supercharged reels function. Roman Chariots can be played both online and on mobile, but it is only available for mobile devices that have a Flash enabled browser. All of the twenty paylines in Roman Chariots are adjustable, meaning that you can play with as many or as few as you wish and bet between 0.20 up to 10 coins per line. This makes Roman Chariots not quite a penny slot, so it may not appeal to very low budget players.

Roman Chariots is a medium to high volatility slot, meaning that the big wins do happen, but you may have to wait for them. The smaller wins are there, but not as lucrative or as frequent as a slot with a low to medium volatility.

Brick and Mortar Graphics

The graphics in Roman Chariots are exactly the same as the brick and mortar slot of the same name. That is to say that they are drawn but not in cartoon style. There is quite a bit of detail in the symbols and the background, but not enough to make the slot really exciting. The layout of Roman Chariots is pretty unique in the slot world, with not one but four reels on the screen. The main reel is below the three smaller ones, and takes up most of the picture.

Roman Symbols and Theme

Roman Chariots is all about the ancient civilisation based in Rome, Italy. Known for its incredible architecture and fierce soldiers, the Romans are one of the most well known and well documented historical peoples. On the reels of Roman Chariots can be seen artefacts form that great age, including armour, swords, helmets, shields, horses and of course a full Roman Chariot. The lower paying symbols are from a deck of cards.

Supercharged Reels and Roman Wilds

The wild symbols in Roman Chariots can be found on reels two three or four. These will not only replace all other symbols in the game but also play a large role by charging the mini reels above the main set. Appearing stacked, these wilds can completely take over a whole reel on the main set. When this happens the reel above it will charge up and begin to spin. This will award you with a multiplier. Beware however; the entire charge can fall flat with just unlucky symbol. Roman Chariots was the first game that WMS brought out with the supercharged reel system.

Bonus Wheel Spins

The chariot wheel is the games bonus or scatter symbol, and can be found on reels one and five in the main set. One of these will grant you eight free spins and a two times your overall stake. The free spins take place on an entirely new set of reels, but still activate the supercharged reels. During this time as well there is no reset on the main set of reels, meaning an almost guaranteed win.

Red Flag Fleet

 Red Flag Fleet Slots Game by WMS

Red Flag Fleet is a rather innovative game by Williams Interactive Gaming. The slot has six reels, and a unique layout that looks like a sideways pyramid. The game’s 192 paylines are fixed, and offer a  betting limit of .40 up to 80. This will put Red Flag Fleet out of the reach of those with a low budget, for fear of their bank roll diminishing faster than they would like. The games bet multiplier goes all the way up to 200 however, meaning that those with  a higher budget will enjoy taking a spin on the Chinese high seas.

Unique Layout

Red Flag Fleet is a rather unique looking slot. The reels lie sideways, like a pyramid that has fallen over.  The first reel only has two symbols on it, increasing up to the sixth reel which has seven symbols. The graphics in Red Flag Fleet are also pretty good, not realist but detailed. With a very modern visage, Red Flag Fleet has crisp and bright looking graphics that will stand up to most other modern slots on the market. Behind the reels can be seen an ocean scene with a large Chinese junk floating on the water. The reels themselves are red, which stands out against the blue sea and sky back ground.

Chinese Pirates

Pirates were not only limited to the Bahamas, China had their fair share of them as well. One very famous female pirate was named Chang Pao, and she struck fear into merchants, other pirates and the Chinese navy for many years. Red Flag Fleet is based on this theme, and most of the symbols reflect it. Various piratical characters throng the reels, each one being worth a bigger multiplier than the one before. The symbols in Red Flag Fleet do not pay out in coins but in multiples of your bet. The games logo is the wild symbol which will not only replace any other symbol in the game but is also the highest paying symbol for six of them in a row. At the bottom of the paytable we find symbols from a deck of cards.

Flipping Free Spins

Red Flag Fleet has a scatter symbol in the way of a large Chinas Junk with red sails. This can be found on all reels, and will grant the player free spins if they manage to find three or more of them. Three will reward you with 5 free spins, 4 will give you 12 free spins and 10 times your stake whilst 5 will give you 40 free spins and 50 times your stake. During the free spins round the reels will flip, making reel six with all seven symbols reel one, and reel one goes to reel six. This increases your chance of finding winning combinations. Not only this, but two to three reels will randomly become wild as well. This can also be retriggered during the free spins round by finding two or more Junk symbols again on your reels.

Rainforest Dream

Rainforest Dream by WMS Gaming

Rainforest Dream is a pretty standard slot with all the standard special features and standard graphics. The game has five reels and forty fixed paylines. Each line can be played for 0.01 up to 100 coins, which means that even though you have to play all of them they don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  If you want to go all in however, it may cost more than just those two body parts at a whopping 2000 coins per spin. This enormous wager margin means that the game will appeal to pretty much anyone when it comes to money. The features offered however are pretty standard, so experienced players may find Rainforest Dream a bit on the boring side.

Pretty Graphics

Rainforest Dream is a pretty slot. Set in a South American jungle the game is full of lush foliage and pretty flowers. The graphics are not 3D, but are well drawn enough to be aesthetically pleasing. Behind the reels can be seen blue sky and green trees, which back up the dark reels and their brightly coloured symbols. The soundtrack is rather typically gentle with water noises and the occasional bird, making you feel like you are in a spa somewhere.

Jungle Theme

Rainforest Dream mostly fits in the nature themed slot category, but has a few symbols that would be more at home in the ancient civilisation or adventure category. On the reels you can find the usual mix of animals and birds such as jaguars, pythons, toucans, macaws, frogs and ladybirds. At the bottom of the paytable are the tropical flowers. The highest paying symbol in the game is a rather surprising Princess of unknown origin. Possibly a lost nobles daughter? She is also the games wild symbol and will replace all other symbols except for the scatter. The Princess also plays the part of a stacked wild, extending from reel one to either reel two or three. Wins are then recalculated after this has come into effect.

Monsoon of Free Spins

The monsoon feature is triggered randomly during the base game. When this happens a whole bunch of wild symbols get added to the reels by way of lightning striking the normal symbols. In this case lightning definitely does strike twice, at a least, and can result in a whopping 2000 times your stake.

Three bonus flower symbols on reels one, three and five will result in eight free spins being given to the player. There is a neat little feature built into the free sins round which makes sure that you walk away with something. Each free spin will continue to spin until you get a winning combination. During the free spins round however you cannot retrigger more spins, nor does the Princess or Monsoon feature happen.

Big Bet Feature

This is a feature that offers the player five big bet spins for an extra wager. The monsoon feature can be triggered here, but the only other advantage is the Return to Player percentage increases by a whole 1%.

OMG Kittens

OMG Kittens by WMS Gaming

It is a well known fact that many people spend a lot of time on the internet looking at pictures of cats and kittens. Especially cute kittens doing silly things. Williams Interactive Gaming have cleverly noticed this trend and managed to turn it into a mobile and online slot machine. OMG Kittens was originally actually found in brick and mortar casinos, but due to its popularity, and that of its feline subjects, it has made the transition to the virtual world very smoothly.

OMG Kittens has the usual five lines and forty paylines. The forty paylines are fixed, but you can bet as little as 0.1 per line and as much as 1, making the maximum bet for OMG Kittens 40 coins. This really makes it a game that is suitable for players of all budgets, and almost all experiences too. Very experienced players who are looking for a progressive jackpot won’t enjoy this slot however.

Cuteness Overload

OMG Kittens is a cute slot. In every way, from the sounds it makes to its fluffy graphics. Those of a darker disposition need not even try as the cuteness may make you want to hurl. For those who love kittens and butterflies and rainbows and unicorns, this is the slot for you. All the graphics in OMG Kittens are well drawn, with only bright, light colours gracing the reels. The kittens themselves look as if they may jump into your lap any second. WMS has even named its feline friends to make them even more personable.

Kittenish symbols

All the symbols in OMG Kittens are theme based. On the reels at the bottom of the paytable we can find our furry friends favourite toys such as a ball of yarn, bottle of milk and little pink kitty collars.  Our three kitten friends are next, and these will appear stacked to take up the entire reel.  The largest prizes in the game are won if you cover the reels with only one cat, but mixing and matching the playful friends will also produce results.

Lots of Multipliers

The special features in OMG Kittens happen quite often, and are varied enough to keep most players interested. The first is the games scatter, which is a forth kitten, or possibly Tiger, trying to get at a fish in a bowl. This is known as the Fishcat symbol and can be found anywhere on the reels. He will pay out scatter wins which increase with the amount of symbols that you find.

Four large kitten symbols and a Fishcat on the fifth reel will trigger the free spins round. The initial amount of spins is a minimum of five, with the rest being dependant on which kittens you found on the reels to trigger the feature.

Tiger will grant you multipliers which range from 2x for one of him up to 10x for four of him. Mr Whiskers will increase your line bet starting with 50x for one of him and up to 500x for four of him. The white floofy Bubbles will grant you with your free spins. One of him on the reels will give you an extra five free spins on top of your initial five to total ten, and four of him will give you fifty free spins. Since there are four reels that can be filled with kittens, it is quite often that you will land a combination of the above, resulting in large multipliers and lots of free spins.

Nemos Voyage

Nemos Voyage Slots Game by WMS Gaming

Captain Nemo was a deep sea explorer who piloted a submarine called the Nautilus in classic fiction. The orange striped clown fish of the popular movie got his name from the classical character. Captain Nemo was known for diving to great depths under the sea, deeper than anyone had gone before. Nemos Voyage from WMS Gaming portrays the great captains adventures with lots of detailed graphics and suitable sound track.

Nemos Voyage is played with five reels and forty paylines. All of the forty paylines are fixed, but can be played for as little as one coin per line. Nemos Voyage is a game that will attract not only beginners to the world of online slots, but experienced players too as it has some interesting extra features and detailed, modern graphics.

Phantom EFX Graphics

Nemos Voyage was the first slot to be released online with the Phanton EFX engine by WMS, which means that it is a very modern looking slot. The graphics are worthy of any animated movie or video game. The animations themselves are smooth and nothing like the tired pixely ones that can be found on so many other machines. Set in the deep blue sea, Nemos Voyage is a predominantly blue slot, but it is interesting to watch how the colour of the water changes as the Nautilus swims deeper or shallower.

Victorian Steam Punk theme

Nemos Voyage is a very Victorian steam punk looking slot, that is to say that it has lots of exposed mechanical elements both in the reels and outside them. Obviously the main theme of the slot is the journey of the Nautilus to the bottom of the sea and the creatures and adventure that it finds there. All the symbols in Nemos Voyage are theme based, and beautifully rendered. Harpoons, maps and telescopes fall into the bottom of the paytable category, while creatures such as sharks, whales and giant squids are next in line. The highest paying base symbols in Nemos Voyage are the electric fish for 625 coins and the giant squid for up to 1000 times.

Depth Gauge Wilds

The main feature in Nemos Voyage is the depth gauge that sits to the left of your reels during the base game. This basically shows how deep you are travelling in the Nautilus. The deeper you, the more features you will find. Each spin drives the Nautilus, and the depth gauge, deeper. On your way down you will come across a number of goodies for you reels.  The first, Multiplier Wilds add 2x and 3x multipliers to the reels. Pressurized Wilds will make all wilds  become pressurized, turning any symbols below them on the reels wild as well as long as a win can be formed. Clumped Wilds makes all wilds now become clumped, meaning that adjacent symbols will also become wild. Finally wild reels will turn one to three reels totally wild with each spin.

While all this is happening, you will continue to descend while you find you find Increase Pressure symbols. When you reach the bottom of the ocean you will gradually ascend, losing all of your bonuses.

Free Spins and Giant Squids

The free spins round is triggered by finding three or more bonus symbols on reels one three and five. This will grant you eight free spins. During these spins a giant squid may appear, and pull symbols off of your reels, replacing them with persisting wilds. These wilds then remain in place for the duration of the free spins.